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You wouldn’t know he regularly gets hit at car-crash speeds by rough human equivalents of compact cars. Entering his sixth remarkable season in the league and he looks…fresh. “What other sport do you know brings people around, or that brings the unity from family, friends, loved ones, like a Super Bowl does? It was like watching something implacable make its way down the field—the improbable grace amid chaos, the sheer power of his talent. Part of discipline is knowing when to change things up. We all have things that we would not want others to know. We don’t need to recount all these things that he would prefer other people not to know, right? For a decade now—ever since he left the University of Florida under controversial circumstances, and Auburn, where he wound up, also under controversial circumstances—Cam’s been apologizing for the teenager he was. And I just want to be the voice of that.” He’s a better man at 27 than he was at 18, even as he regularly endures condescension far worse than what he got as a kid. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock: “It’s just this gut feeling that I have that I don’t know how great he wants to be.” And: “Something tells me he’ll be content to be a multimillionaire who’s pretty good.” He came into the league under the shadow of real prejudice. But Richardson’s account survives on You Tube; look it up, if you want to break something.)As a rookie, Cam wears No.

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In Florida, Kevin gets schooled by a group of survivalists eager to teach him how to disarm a would-be attacker.

These dedicated preppers are ready to defend themselves and their families against any threat from hurricanes to kidnapping and, of course, zombie apocalypse.

was the first show featuring two gay characters (Will Truman played by Eric Mc Cormack and Jack Mac Farland played by Sean Hayes) to become a bonafide hit.

Vice President Joe Biden has cited the show for educating America about gay rights.

On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage would become legal nationwide.

Though many factors have contributed to the increasing acceptance of gay marriage, including an endorsement from President Barack Obama, some Americans' minds may, too, have been changed by the increasing presence of gay couples in popular culture.

Six will be selected for a social media naming contest.

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In a show full of straight couples, Carol and Susan (Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hect) broke ground.

Though Ross' jealousy of his ex-wife Carol's new partner, Susan, bordered on homophobic, the character redeemed himself when he walked his lesbian ex-wife down the aisle after her disapproving parents bailed on the wedding.

According to a 2012 when audiences met Jodie Dallas in 1977.

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