Blood type dating

It's possible that higher cholesterol levels could partly explain the increased mortality risk.

If you don't want to visit a doctor, you can use a simple home testing kit.

People whose blood type is A, B or AB have an increased risk of heart disease and shorter life spans than people who have type O blood, according to a new study.

A baseball coach is reported to have used it in the selection of his teams.

During World War II, Japan's Imperial Army is rumoured to have formed battle groups according to blood type, while a kindergarten has reportedly adapted its methods of teaching along the same lines.

A great deal of research went into blood psychology in the 50's, 60's and 70's, mainly in Japan.

Masahiko and Toshitaka Nomi, a father and son team, were responsible for making this a mainstream science, having researched the way in which blood type affects every area of our lives, including relationships, work and leisure.

Human blood is typed by certain markers (called antigens) on the surface of red blood cells.

Blood type may also be done to see if two people are likely to be blood relatives.

In Japan, blood type has influenced peoples lives in unexpected ways.

For instance, some Japanese companies have planned departments around the blood types of their workforce.

Determining Blood Type at Home Visiting a Health Care Provider Community Q&A You might need to know your blood type for medical reasons, to get an international visa, or to just learn more about your own body.

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