How is radiactivedating performed

­ ­You probably have seen or read news stories about fascinating ancient artifacts.At an ar­chaeological dig, a piece of wooden tool is unearthed and the archaeologist finds it to be 5,000 years old.

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How is radiactivedating performed

On this general topic there is a recent poll by Life Way Research, brought to my attention by a reader. Poll: Pastors oppose evolution, split on earth’s age (and another version of the article here.)NASHVILLE, Tenn.

(BP) — Pastors overwhelmingly believe that God did not use evolution to create humans and think Adam and Eve were literal people, according to a survey by Life Way Research.

It seems quite possible that the mummies in question, had they ever left Egypt for museum use, could have been packed with illicit drugs for transport overseas...

Crtainly something to consider, and would radiactive dating not be able to sort that out for us?

A child mummy is found high in the Andes and the archaeologist says the child lived more than 2,000 years ago.

How do scientists know how old an object or human remains are?What methods do they use and how do these methods work?In this article, we will examine the methods by which scientists use radioactivity to determine the age of objects, most notably carbon-14 dating.The question of Adam and Eve has come up often in the discussion of the relationship between science and faith.While it has no impact for the unbeliever from the science side of the question, it is a serious issue from the Christian side of the question. John Collins’s recent book, , published just this month.When traces of cocaine and nicotine was discovered on the hair of ancient Egyptian mummies, the first theory was that this was possibly introduced later, as espresso suggested.

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