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If you go into it thinking it's something to be ashamed of, it will have a mental impact on your experience of it; if you do so thinking of it as a way to enjoy yourself and have fun, that alone can make a pretty considerable difference.

"edging" as the previous poster suggested is one good idea.

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Sounds like the title of an evening adult education class...

One fun thing is to, you know, do it, but really, really slowly, and just before climaxing, just stop...start again the same way...stop..blowing!

This is the real deal and we capture our girls masturbating just like they do at home. The prettier they are, the more often they masturbate. It’s because most men are afraid to even talk to someone as hot as Kara Duhe! She loves her glass dildo; It’s her favorite way to get off – and so much better than a cock!

Some like fingers, some like toys, some have visible contractions, some have vocal orgasms, some even squirt. Free with your Masturbation membership is full access to Club She might not look like it, but Kara Duhe is the type of chick that likes to be in control… Some women are just bold and do what needs to be done. She loves to masturbate, and she knows exactly how she likes it.

She’s the type of chick that wears a short little summer dress with no panties so that any time the urge hits her, she can just hike up the skirt and take care of things – and masturbate with her fingers! Nikki Brooks was pretty quick about it, taking that shower head down to her pussy…. Mya Valdez loves to masturbate and loves to masturbate with her fingers…

She looks like she knows how to masturbate with her fingers all right – two fingers at a time! You can tell she likes to masturbate, but then again, what women doesn’t? And when she needs to get off, she’s using her fucking fingers.

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Hundreds of different techniques, some of which are pretty imaginative and unique.

Honestly, one thing that *will* make a difference no matter what your technique is changing your mindset about it and working to let go of the discomfort you have in talking about it.

Man D: Yes, my domme knows (and controls) my masturbatory habits. Man A: I'll often be reading erotic stories, looking at pictures, watching videos, or imagining scenarios in my head.

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